As simple as what the Bee and Nature gives us

In the heart of the Extremadura region of Spain, the pure essence of nature is born in Apihurdes products. With an unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability, Apihurdes stands as a benchmark in the production of honey, pollen and wax, capturing the vibrant essence of the hives in every drop and every grain.

Honey: Apihurdes honey is a natural masterpiece, harvested with artisanal care from the wild flowers that populate the fields of Extremadura. From the mild sweetness of the flower honey to the more intense nuances of the heather honey, each jar is a testament to the laborious work of the bees and the unique terrain of the region.

Pollen: Pollen, a treasure of vitality and nutrition, is carefully collected from flowers by our tireless bees. Apihurdes offers pure and fresh pollen, a natural source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Each grain is a capsule of energy direct from nature, capturing the polychromatic essence of the fields with each collection.

Wax: Apihurdes wax is the result of a meticulous and bee-friendly process. Extracted with care, it becomes the base for natural candles and skin care products. Apihurdes beeswax is a tribute to the purity and versatility of this gift from the hive.

Each Apihurdes product tells a story of harmonious collaboration between nature and the passionate work of local beekeepers. Beyond being simple products, they bear witness to an enduring commitment to quality, sustainability and respect for the natural environment that define the essence of Extremadura. In every drop, grain and block of wax, you find the authentic gift of the bees and the land that gives them life.

Apihurdes Honey

Apihurdes honey comes from the specific Mediterranean forest, which gives it a unique smell, color and flavor, in addition to its well-known sweetening, restorative and antiseptic properties.

Its color ranges from light amber to dark brown, determined by its vegetable origin. Several studies indicate that the darker the honey is, the higher its mineral and vitamin B and C content, and the lighter it is, the richer in vitamin A.

 Also used for cosmetic use, mouthwash, wound disinfection, food preservative, soothing throat irritation and decongesting bronchial tubes and lungs.

Heather Honey

It is the honey produced by the nectar of the heather flower in mountains at altitudes above 600 meters. It is an unctuous honey of dark mahogany color with a slightly sweet and slightly bitter taste. The fact that it is one of the honeys with the highest mineral content makes it particularly suitable for the disinfection of the urinary tract and as a food supplement in anemic people, besides being diuretic, antirheumatic and having excellent effects on the prostate.

Honey from Mielada

High quality honey, mainly from holm oak, oak and chestnut trees. Its color is dark or brownish, strong flavor and very viscous texture. With a high content of minerals and vitamins B and C, it is indicated to combat anemia, dysentery and chronic diarrhea and for external use in hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

Thousand Flowers Honey

Honey from the main spring flowering, which therefore collects a great variety of pollens. Its color is so varied depending on the percentage of pollens that compose it, being located between light amber and dark amber. It is especially indicated to accentuate the digestive, anti-inflammatory and digestive functions and for its characteristics it is the most used as sweetener in substitution of sugar.

Thyme Honey

Honey collected by bees from thyme trees, belonging to the labiatae group that live in poor, stony and very dry soils. Its color varies between light amber and dark brown depending on its origin and its flavor is very pleasant. It is easy to crystallize due to its high sugar content. It is especially indicated for physical and mental exhaustion, respiratory ailments, astemia and menstruation regulation.


Pollen is the largest known source of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates and also contains proteins, trace elements and enzymes that make it a great food supplement, providing our body with all the essential elements in deficiency states.

      Its nutritional, metabolic and energetic virtues, among which are the following, should be highlighted:

  • Increased blood hemoglobin levels in anemic individuals.
  • General detoxifier of the organism.
  • Excellent intestinal normalizer.
  • Tonic and stimulant that regenerates well-being and euphoria.
  • Increased overall vitality.

Pollen grain

The color and flavor of pollen can be as varied as the botanical varieties from which it originates. It is not easy to recognize pollens by visual analysis, so it is practically impossible to classify them by color or flavor.
As the most complete natural food known, pollen taken daily provides us with all the necessary elements to face each day with energy and vitality.


Beeswax has many traditional uses. The best known are: as a waterproofing agent, medicines, soaps and polishes, furniture treatment, and the manufacture of cosmetics and candles.

The cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries are the main consumers in the world market, although consumption in the beekeeping sector itself must be taken into account.

Block wax

Natural beeswax 100% of our own production. Extracted by pressing the stone and purified by decanting. Molds of homogeneous shape and weight.

Laminated wax

Natural stamped wax 100% of our own production, without colorants, extracted by the stone pressing method and purified by the traditional decantation method. Standard bore size. Year-round stock for the main support types and punctual preparation of tailor-made orders.

From nature
at your hand

We preserve what nature has to offer
with the highest health standards

In the idyllic heart of Extremadura, Apihurdes invites you to a unique experience, bringing the richness of nature directly to your hands. Our honey, pollen and wax capture the pure essence of the hives, made with artisanal care and a deep respect for the environment. Every drop of honey, every grain of pollen and every block of wax we offer tells the story of the harmonious collaboration between bees and the earth. From nature to your hand, we offer you products that are not only a delight to the palate, but also a tribute to the vitality and sustainability that characterize Extremadura. Discover the authenticity in each jar and live the unique experience of Apihurdes, where the essence of nature becomes a tangible treasure for your well-being.

At Apihurdes, our commitment to quality and health is as solid as the land around us. We zealously preserve what nature gives us, following the highest health standards in every step of the process. From the ethical collection of honey and pollen to the production of beeswax, each product is made with artisanal care and respect for biodiversity. We strive to offer our customers not only irresistible delights, but also the peace of mind of knowing that each Apihurdes product has been created with an uncompromising focus on purity and health. With us, experience the perfect harmony between nature's bounty and excellence in every product you take home.

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